03. Services

Our development team has more than 20 years experience in the business and millions of vehicles in mass production. For them nothing is impossible.

Chassis Tuning

T Engineering provides several engineering services for Chassis Development.  We have extensive experience from several vehicle tuning projects in mass production, with vehicles ranging from small simple chassis to large high feature chassis in passenger vehicles. 
By working with the T Engineering Chassis team you will benefit from a complete chain of competence all the way from the initial vehicle requirements to the final component specification and vehicle verification.
We have worked extensively with training of customers in chassis tuning in parallel with tuning of customer vehicles and at T Engineering we are always happy to invite your engineering team to work with us.

T Engineering Chassis Services cover

  • Vehicle Chassis DNA definition
  • K&C Analysis
  • Chassis Concept Analysis
  • Tuning, Shock Absorbers
  • Tuning, Springs
  • Tuning, Bushings
  • Tuning, Roll Bars
  • Tuning, Steering
  • Tuning, Electrically Controlled Chassis Systems
  • Evaluation, Brakes
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Chassis Education

04. Case

Our experienced engineers have done some truly amazing work for customers all over the world. Take a ride and explore our solutions today.