About T Engineering

T Engineering was started in January 2012 by a group of dedicated engineers with wide experience from Saab Automobile and General Motors. Today the company consists of around 100 development engineers who design and develop control systems for all vehicle systems. Our expansion is made thru further recruitment of top experts from the automotive industry. Our head office is located in Trollhättan in western Sweden, SAAB's home town. 

We offer system solutions developed in-house and adapted for customers that fulfill all of the vehicle industry's requirements and which give you, the customer, a technical advantage. Our engineers' extensive experience makes us a safe partner, and one accustomed to leading global projects and managing the entire development process from idea and concept to validation for mass production and after-market requirements. All development work takes place in a close collaboration with our clients. It gives you as a customer complete control, just as it does to the driver out on the road. 

Knowledge and freedom

T Engineering is all about being able to offer the highest possible customer adaptation in the choice of hardware, software, and collaborative form. We have several fully equipped laboratories for developing and testing software and ECU, together with our own IP within EMS and EV/Hybrid, which contributes to our total independence. Access to laboratories, test cells and workshops within Saab Automobiles’ former plant means we have particularly large capacity.



Looking for a new challenge and tired of the status quo? Get off-road and apply to join our team. We’d love to hear from you.