Body Control Modules

T Engineering designs, produces and sells Body Control Modules. We have developed and integrated BCMs with different ranges of features and interfaces for mass production. By using T Engineering BCMs you will benefit from more than 15 years’ experience and a complete understanding of integration into the vehicle.

We offer a range running from a low content unit to a complete fully featured equipped BCM and deliver everything from base systems without calibration to fully calibrated, validated, and integrated turnkey systems.

T Engineering BCM documentation includes all system information and calibration guidelines and we offer complete training and on site cooperation. We welcome your engineers into our team to work on and learn the system in order for you as a customer to handle future applications.

T Engineering Body Control Modules cover

  • Model-based Application software developed in Matlab/Simulink
  • Central Door Lock Control, Front and Rear Wiper Control, Exterior Lighting including Fog Lights, Turn Lights, Hazard Light, High Beam, Low Beam, etc., etc.
  • Remote Key Fob and Immobilizer with NXP technology
  • CAN and LIN buses


Our experienced engineers have done some truly amazing work for customers all over the world. Take a ride and explore our solutions today.