3D printer

T Engineering provides services in 3D printing.

With our 3D printer, Builder Extreme 1500 with the volume of 1100x500x820 mm (XYZ) we can print large parts in short time and its heated bed makes sure the objects sticks to the printing surface during the printing. We are able to print in several different materials such as PET, PRO1, and PLA etc. This Dual-Feed printer is capable of diversify different materials and colors while printing using only one nozzle. The best way to explain how color mixing while printing works with a dual-feed printer is to compare it with toothpaste tube which is squeezing 2 colors through 1 opening.

T Engineering has the experience from printing car parts. We have produced the complete body kit used to style and widen the exterior body of the A60 Race car produced for our owners DFM. The car was shown at the Beijing International Automotive exhibition in 2018. We are happy to work with your engineers to develop and produce parts in low volume by 3D printing. We are also open to other solutions such as renting time in our 3D printer.


Our experienced engineers have done some truly amazing work for customers all over the world. Take a ride and explore our solutions today.