Electrical Architecture Development

T Engineering develops Electrical Architectures for vehicles. We deliver everything from single vehicle architectures to complete platform architectures covering a large vehicle bandwidth and focusing on cost optimization and integration of existing modules. 

By working with the T Engineering Electrical Architecture team you will benefit from more than 20 years of experience from complete electrical systems in all kinds of vehicles. The team members have had major leading and senior technical roles in the development and deployment of electrical architectures in passenger vehicles and trucks with some of the world’s largest vehicle manufacturers. 

T Engineering has competence in all aspects of communication media, topology concepts, safety, feature balancing, cost optimization, domain contents, etc.

T Engineering Electrical Architecture includes

  • Functional Requirement Specifications
  • Functional Partitioning Specifications
  • Network Management Specifications
  • Network Communication Specifications
  • Physical Layer and Data Link Layer Specifications
  • Diagnostics Strategy Specifications
  • Diagnostic CTS Templates
  • Component Technical Specifications
  • Component Test Specifications
  • Component Validation Plans
  • Topology Specifications
  • Gateway Specifications
  • Preliminary Hazard Analysis
  • Technical Safety Concept Documents
  • Functional Interface Analysis
  • FMEAs
  • FTAs
  • Network Test Specifications
  • Diagnostic Test Specifications
  • Integration Test Specifications
  • Integration Plan/Bench Planning
  • Function Schematics (System Schematics)
  • Electrical Technical Specifications


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