Solutions for all
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We strive to be Scandinavia’s leading development company of control systems and electrification for future mobility. The future is green and requires new technology.


We are a complete development center for mobility, fully equipped with labs for development and full scale testing of software and electronic control systems. Our own IP within electrical architecture and control systems contributes to fuel our total independence. T-engineering offers the highest quality possible, while being adaptable and responsive to our customers’ needs relating to both software and hardware. Our knowledge and experience from the industry combined with our tailored in-house development process leads to a cost-effective technological advantage for our customers.

If you run into a bump, twist or turn we’re here to steer you straight.



Why build chassis at the other end of the world, when an advanced 3D printer can do the trick right here at home? Exactly. We put this hypothesis to the test, and with us being a part of Dongfeng Motor we decided to do a complete overhaul of a Fengshen A60 production car. We 3D-printed a full body kit to give it a street race look, modified the engine to three times the power and integrated a four-wheel drive chassis to make it ready for some serious racing. The project resulted in quite a unique car and the project raised a lot of attention. In fact, so much so that it was selected for an appearance during the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition that same year.

Autonomous vehicles

– You may talk to the driver while in motion.
Because there is none.

We are on the brink of a transport revolution. Reliable autonomous vehicles are not just around the corner. They are here in our lab and out on city test runs. An improvement for everyone, maybe except for the “Don’t disturb the driver” sign makers. The future spells electric mobility solutions for both personal needs and transportation, and autonomous cars and trucks means safer, more environmentally friendly and more comfortable means of transport for both people and goods. Safety and sustainability are two crucial factors that would benefit from a more widespread use of autonomous, electric vehicles – especially when considering use for car sharing and long-haul shipping.

Our products

We offer customised system solutions that guarantee a technological advantage for the customers, letting them have pole position in the market race. Or as we like to see it: putting our customers in control.

Hybrid / EV control Systems

We design, produce and sell control systems for any and all configurations of electrified vehicles.

Body Control Modules

We design, produce and sell body control modules which can be implemented with different features and interfaces for mass production.


Autonomous Driving

We are spearheading production projects as well as advanced proof-of-concepts to meet the mobility and transportation requirements of the future.


Engine Management Systems

We design, produce and sell engine management systems fulfilling all current and future regulations and certifications regarding emissions, durability and diagnostics.


Transmission Control System

We develop software for automated transmissions and can deliver fully calibrated, validated, and integrated turnkey systems.


We offer tailored services from a highly experienced team with an innovative mindset, specialised knowledge and attention to detail, leaving our customers in the safest of hands.

Electrical Architecture Development

With the T-engineering electrical architecture team onboard you will benefit from more than 25 years of experience with complete electrical systems, in all types of vehicles.

Electrical Integration

Electrical Integration

We have immense experience of integrating electronic control units into a vehicle/system context, having worked with some of the world’s leading car manufacturers.

Calibration and Validation

Calibration and Validation

Having done the footwork before makes all the difference when calibrating and validating vehicle control systems. With us you will benefit from a great team that has done it all before and knows the processes inside and out.

Hardware in the loop testing

Hardware-in-the-loop testing

We are skilled professionals within integration & verification of vehicle control systems using Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) simulated environments.

Shared Mobility Concept

Sharing Cars is a project where we aim to implement and evaluate shared mobility services using electric microcars. The vehicles have been part of multiple demonstrations and tests across Sweden and are much cheaper and more environmentally friendly to use than a full-sized car. For many, these small vehicles could satisfy most of their mobility needs.

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