Combustion Engine Control

combustion engine control development

We see opportunities where other see challenges.

We see opportunities where others see challenges! T-engineering has a long experience in engine control systems from Saabs Trionic starting in the 1980s. We provide mature in-house engine control systems for gasoline engines characterised by a very short time from project start to first engine start. Our control system supports full emission and diagnostic compliance with China VI and hybridization support.


Examples of supported technologies are: direct injection, wide band lambda, turbocharger control, external EGR with and without turbo, cam phases, gasoline particulate filters and turbo with external EGR. The systems are easy to adapt to varying configurations such as different sensors and catalyst configurations. We are very experienced in integrating our product into different vehicles.

Base Engine Calibration And Data Processing

Our control system has built-in functionality for base calibration data collection in a standard engine dynamometer. All control system calibration includes data processing and feature extraction. We are experienced in handling big noisy multidimensional data sets and can visualise complex relationships and determine calibrations in a very short time.

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