Autonomous Transportation

The Project

Different job sectors have a different needs when it comes to transporting goods and people. At T-engineering we take part of different concept studies to investigate what technical solutions could be used to improve performance and also be more environment-friendly. One sector is in building and road construction where for instance a lot of workers need to move to and from the building sites; which requires a lot of vehicles and temporary parking space today.


One solution could be automated vehicles that moves the workers between worksites as well as transporting goods. These vehicles could work more efficiently since they are shared and used by many people and with several purposes. One study and concept film was made with PEAB Trollhättan to show this kind of automated vehicle, where workers were picked up from their office and then driven automatically to the worksite. We see in the future that people onboard can sit together at a table and prepare for the upcoming site work, instead of driving.

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