T-engineering is an exciting workplace where creativity and innovation takes center stage. Becoming a part of us is like becoming a part of a very big, slightly odd, family and we love watching it grow. We’re presented with new opportunities daily and are in constant need of new, creative co-workers to meet the ever-growing demand. If this sounds like a good fit for you, then we would love to hear from you.

”Fun, challenging and interesting.”

To help you get an insight into T-engineering and what it’s like working here we’ve asked some co-workers to give you an idea. Maybe getting to know your future co-workers might help you make the decision?


 What is your job as project manager like?

”In my job as a project manager, I work with a lot of different people and act as the conduit between the T-engineering team and our customers in order to keep both parties in conjunction and to get everyone to work towards the same goal.” 


– What’s it like to work at T-engineering?

”I would describe T-engineering as a flat organisation where everybody is on the same level. It is a company that cares about its staff, and we have a positive and relaxed atmosphere. Here, you feel like a part of the team, and you can always be yourself. At T-engineering, we work both flexibly and solution-oriented case-by-case, and everyone gives 100%.”


How did you discover T-engineering?

”I started at T-engineering through a consulting firm when I finished my studies. After my assignment, I got a job. Now, I have been with T-engineering for 4 years.”


– What is the most fun aspect of your job?

”Working together with colleagues on problem solving. We have a great team spirit. We do a lot of fun things at T-engineering too, with many staff activities and various out-of-office events. We also like to celebrate when celebrations are due, which contributes to the already awesome spirit and mood.”



-What does your job as systems engineer involve?

”Being a systems engineer is to be able to understand how mechanical systems work and how to operate them. If, for example, we are to control a system with software and electrical components, we must be able to do so in a safe way. And that’s where I come in, mainly.”


-What is it like to work at T-engineering?

”It’s a nice environment. It is fun to work with new technologies and in new types of projects that you haven’t worked on before. It’s not just office work that does it for me, but also being in the workshop as well as going out to test a freshly modified car. You can ask anyone for help, there is very good cooperation between co-workers within the company.”


What was your first impression of the company?

”That it was a very creative team. In the beginning, when we weren’t quite as many, I got the opportunity to work with and learn new things that I never had a chance to do before. Everyone helped to get the company up and running all the while being very genuine and humble and there was, and still is, a very unpretentious attitude.”


– How would you describe T-engineering, in 3 words?

”Fun, challenging and interesting.”



-What do you do as a software integration engineer?

”I work with software integration (Basic Software), which is the link between hardware and application software.”


—What’s it like to work at T-engineering?

”A lot is invested in us employees and our knowledge, which makes one feel appreciated. If you have ideas and suggestions on how you can facilitate the work, your opinion will be taken to heart.”


– What was your first impression of the company?

”I was amazed by how helpful and positive everyone was. There was no prestige involved and a great access to and exchange of knowledge between one another. At T-engineering, you are not locked into your work tasks, if you want to develop in other areas, you can. I also like that I’m responsible for my own development.”


– What is the most fun aspect of working at T-engineering?

”The most fun aspect of working here is when you get to experience a piece of hardware working in conjunction with the software for the first time, because there is so much work behind it. We also have great benefits, including gym memberships. Many of us work out together during lunch and there’s an overall relaxed atmosphere in the workplace. It is a very solution-oriented environment as well; colleagues always take the time to help if you get stuck trying to figure something out.”


Have any questions?

We’re always here to help! Big or small, all questions are important to us here at T-Engineering

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