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ThE T-Engineering TEAM

When you step through the doors of T-engineering, you are welcomed by a team of creative engineers and visionaries with great dedication to their work. We are proud to say that for us, engineering is more than just a profession – it’s a passion. The core of our organisation is us, the people that represent and embody T-engineering and its values as a company.



We find creative solutions to complex problems. We think outside the box!



We care for each other and every single person plays a valued part in our company.



We are committed to our customers, our colleagues, and to ourselves. We are dedicated to deliver our promises.


We simply love engineering and the work we do! We take pride in our work and we want not only to succeed, but also to continously improve.



We adapt to customers needs and where others see obstacles, we see opportunities. 


We can’t talk about T-engineering without talking about the people that make up the backbone of the company. We believe that sustainability is the way forward and that the co-workers at T can feel that they develop and prosper from the work they do. For us it’s a given to be able to combine career with personal life – it shouldn’t be a balancing act. We continuously arrange activities where the staff can socialise, educate themselves and evolve both personally and professionally. We provide flexibility in ways of working as much as possible and offer several wellness and exercise possibilities during work hours and much more.


We also aim to give back to the community, and our home base of Trollhättan in particular. We engage in school seminars to try to inspire young, up-and-coming engineers, sponsor sporting events and use locally sourced equipment and materials as much as possible. An example of our dedication to give back is when during the peak of the pandemic, we offered up our 3D printer in order to make visors and masks to support local health care personnel.

Want to know more about what it’s like to work at T-engineering? Click here! 

Our Journey

Our journey began in late 2011 with the era of SAAB coming to an end. With the industry giant shutting down there were a group of talented engineers looking to go out on their own. Said and done, within a few months T-engineering was born and soon thereafter a collaboration started with Chinese Dongfeng Motor. T-engineering grew quickly, and so did the need for bigger office space. Constantly moving into bigger offices became more of a routine than anything else in the early years of the company. Today, with two company locations, T-engineering is home to more than a hundred development engineers excelling in all possible fields of our core business.


Our goal has always been to work closely with modern technology and to be able to test our products in actual vehicles, and not just simulations. So, with more projects coming in, we also had to produce more test cars – and more test cars meant we had need for a high-end workshop and test lab. After years of planning and construction we are now proud to say that we have Europe’s most cutting-edge test facility for vehicle control systems, and just recently we expanded the lab area further, making it even better.

We have done several exciting projects and a couple of them you can read more about here.


T-engineering provides products and solutions that satisfy customer requirements and exceeds expectations. With the level of experience within our company, we shall propose solutions that are favourable to the client with respect to the quality of their end product.


Working in partnership, we aim to add value for our customers, as well as for T-engineering.

We demonstrate Customer Focus by:



In a world of constant change, we adapt quickly, meeting current and future market demands.


We demonstrate Flexibility by:


Where we are in terms of competence and skill is built on knowledge and ability gained from, you guessed it, experience. This starting point, or dare we say head start, allows us to be more creative and innovative in our solutions. We promote a stimulating workplace and an innovative culture since innovation is a key driver for our growth.


We demonstrate knowledge & Innovation by:

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