As you may have gathered already, we offer services within all areas of expertise available to us. Our skillset ranges from early-stage concept development to statistical verification methods, production deployment and aftermarket quality assurance. Our knowledge of potential speed bumps such as public regulations, safety and quality requirements within the industry leads to a cost-effective process in which each solution gives a technological advantage based on the customer and their specific needs. The T-engineering team consists of global engineers with long OEM experience from General Motors, Ford, Volvo, Scania and Dongfeng to mention a few. What makes T-engineering stand out is our world class electrical system know-how, for any type of vehicle.

With the T-engineering electrical architecture team onboard you will benefit from more than 25 years of experience with complete electrical systems, in all types of vehicles.

As you have probably understood by browsing through our product and services pages, our experience varies from vast to immense. As for integrating electronic control units into a vehicle/system context, we’re on the immense experience part of the scale, having worked with some of the world’s leading car manufacturers over the years.

Calibration & validation of vehicle control systems are pretty much a routine job here at T-engineering. So if you’re thinking about it, we’ve probably already done it.

The T-engineering crew are the ninjas of integration & verification of vehicle control systems using Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) simulated environments having spent years of perfecting the craft.

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