Hybrid Controls Projects in passenger vehicles

The Project

Three Serial Production Projects of Hybrid Controls System for SUV passenger vehicles.
Combining the T-engineering Hybrid Controls System with an external Engine Management System to a fully functioning powertrain controls meeting all requirements of performance, emissions and fuel efficiency.

Combining the T-engineering EMS & Hybrid controls SW in to one ECU. Two major project with this complete set up of EMS and Hybrid controls targeting two different hybrid transmissions.
SOP 2017, 2021 and 2023

Why is a company as T-engineering qualified/the best fit for a project like this?

T-engineering has long experience from Hybrid Controls System Development for mass production. Our experienced engineers have been development engineers at large US, Swedish and Chinese OEM:s.

The laboratory facilities at T-engineering offer bench calibration with measurement of the most stringent emissions levels as well as temperature variations.

What does the future hold in this area at T-engineering?

The future of hybrids is obvious. Even though the EV market is increasing rapidly there will be several plug in hybrid project to be made before phasing out the hybrid systems. T-engineering controls concepts are independent of the fuels and energy storages used in the vehicles.

Technical Highlights

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