The race car story

The Project

The Race Car project was to take a standard car, in this case DongFeng Fengshen A60, turn it into a fast, high power, 4-wheel drive stylish car, ready for both movies in Hollywood and the race course. The purpose was to show the knowledge and possibilities T-engineering has both within the company itself but also in the area where we are stated. To do this with the base of a car from DFM is also a great opportunity to show the possibilities with our collaboration.


Never the less – in is an awesome project to do!

What kind of challenges is it in a project like this?

In a project like this there are many challenges and great moments to be as creative as you can to solve it. Like how do you fit an engine that require more space in the car’s body than the existing car has and no supplier can produce the parts in time? This time we bought a large 3D-printer and printed out the parts ourselves. It is all the twists and turns along the way that is the fun part and we can use our experience and integrate with others to make it work.

Why is a company as T-engineering qualified/the best fit for a project like this?

T-engineering has a past in Swedish automotive industry where integration challenges are a day-to-day business. With our small but competent organization and agile and problem solving mindset we are ready to take on challenges like this. We like to have a close collaboration to our suppliers to get just the right things done and don’t waste time or money for our costumer and that is why we in this advanced project decided to use as many local suppliers as possible without compromising on our vision.

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