Electrical Architecture Passenger Vehicle

The Project

Development of a set of artifacts aiming to define an OEM’s complete electrical architecture for cars and trucks.

Why is a company as T-engineering qualified/the best fit for a project like this?

T-engineering is a spin off company from Saab Automotive. The members of our team has over 20 years of experience of electrical architecture development and network design. By using T-engineering, all aspects of electrical architecture will be considered to the benefit to the customer.

What does the future hold in this area at T-engineering?

The electrical architectures for automotive develops all the time. In the future the domain oriented approach will be transformed into central computing units and zonal devices for sensor and actuator control. T-engineering is well aware of these transitions and concepts. T-engineering will be the perfect partner for EA development moving forward.

Technical Highlights

T-engineering have developed Electrical Architecture artifacts for major OEMs (Truck and Cars).

Case 1 – Major OEM Vehicle Architecture, large vehicle (e.g. SUV) size platform.

Case 2 – Major OEM Vehicle Architecture, mid size truck platform.

When conducting these cases, T-engineering produced several EA artefacts such as (but not limited to:)

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