High Feature Body Electronics

The Project

Development of Body Domain electronics and functionality for High End Luxury Vehicle. SOP 2018

Why is a company as T-Engineering qualified/the best fit for a project like this?

T-Engineering uses its unique capability of combining electronics and software development that results in a high end and high quality product.


What does the future hold in this area at T-Engineering?

T-Engineering has a full product portfolio for Body Electronics. It contains Body Computer, Door Modules, Trunk Modules, Central Gateways etc. We have the capability to tailor-made the hardware and software for the customers needs whether it is a smaller vehicle, special vehicle or luxury vehicle.

Technical Highlights

T-Engineering developed Software and Hardware handling Body Functions (complete domain) for Luxury European Vehicle. The set of components included distributed ”state of the art” body functionality such as:


  • Advanced control of multiple lock system for armoured and cortege vehicles
  • Steering Column Adjustment Movement (incl. Memory & Profiles and Easy Exit)
  • Executive Vehicle functions such as Sunshade control, Executive Passenger profiled interior function settings, Executive ”Vault” Locking etc.
  • Adaptive Smart Beam functionality and Advanced Cornering Light Control (fading)
  • Remote Start handling and support for Passive Entry (e.g. Walk Away Locking)
  • Advanced Vehicle State Manager controlling the function availability on the vehicle through a set of ”terminals “and vehicle modes.
  • Advanced scenario / situation based control and handling of body function (Panic Alarm, Pre- Post Crash)

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