Workshop and Dyno

The T-engineering workshop is something out of the ordinary. This state-of-the-art facility offers a fully equipped vehicle modification hub for all different aspects. Our workshop crew are known to tackle and solve even the most difficult problems in ingenious and creative ways, so feel free to give them a proper challenge.

The Workshop

We offer a state-of-the-art vehicle workshop for:

The Climate chamber

In our climate chamber you can test everything from the tiniest component all the way up to a full-size vehicle.

The Engine dyno

Our engine dyno offers the latest technology from market-leading suppliers, which enables us to showcase a high-end testing dyno for combustion engines, fully equipped to efficiently analyse any engine setup. Want to make some slight calibrations, make a power or torque certification or just do some run-of-the-mill durability tests? Our engine dyno is up for whatever task you want to throw its way.

The Emission room

The T-engineering dynos are connected to emission equipment for making precise environmental optimisations while maintaining engine performance. We can also measure pre-cat and post-cat emissions, EGR Rate, soot and particle levels.

The Vehicle dyno

With our vehicle dyno we are able to simulate vehicles, or any other type of equipment, on the road. All cycles needed for measuring are up to regulation standards and you can use the dyno for both steady state and speed simulations.

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