Fire extinguisher

The Project

The goal of the project was to redesign the Engine Management System controlling a 1.0 liter 3 cylinder direct injected 96 kW engine. All this with modern Emission Control systems from a passenger vehicle to instead power the water pump on a mobile fire extinguisher trailer. This particular application is very helpful when fighting wild fires by pumping water from nearby water sources like rivers or lakes to the location of the fire fighters.

Compared to an in-vehicle engine application the project had a number of new requirements:

Our engineering team at T-engineering have expert skills in Engine Management System development specifically and emission system control in general, proven from a vast number of projects within the automotive industry. By transferring this knowledge from the automotive area into the non-mobile machinery area we can enable the most environmentally friendly technology to be used not only in passenger vehicles.


Electric motors are great in many ways but a huge drawback is that the battery needs to be charged, which takes time. For applications where you need to power things for a long time far away from the power grid electric motors is not an option. Under these circumstances a combustion engine with state of the art emission control is the best choice.

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