Whistleblowing channel

Welcome to our whistleblowing channel

Our Whistleblowing channel is a way to ensure uncompromised compliance of our business and operations. In practice, it is an anonymous outlet for reporting suspicions of misconduct, meaning anything that is not in line with the law or with our values and policies. As an early warning system, it helps us react sooner to reduce risks, and it can be used by anyone with an anonymous reporting need.


If you feel comfortable contacting a T-Engineering Manager directly to report your concern, we encourage you to do so as the first option.

How the case process work

Your report should contain the following information:

  • The type of misconduct you wish to report.

  • Where it has taken place.

  • When it happened. Provide time and date and if anything is recurring.

  • Documentation in any form if you have access to it. If you don’t have access but know documentation exists, include what type of documentation it is and where it can be found


  • Details of any other action that you have taken in relation to the misconduct. Note! It is important that you read and understand to the content in the link Data privacy before submitting your report. Any personal data that is clearly not relevant to your report should not be submitted. If you still submit such information, we may delete it without informing you.

How your report is handled

Based on current legislation, the company will make an initial assessment of your report to determine whether it is applicable for being handled in the whistleblowing channel.


All reports will be assigned a unique case number and you will receive a verification code to confirm receipt of your report. You will receive the confirmation within seven days of acknowledgment of your report. You can use the verification code to submit additional information or get feedback on the case.


The company will feedback to you on how the case has been handled within 90 days. You can also find this feedback by logging in with your verification code.


You remain completely anonymous when you submit a report, unless you voluntarily provide personal information. There is no obligation to provide any personal information.


Whistleblowing reporting channel

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