Shared mobility

The Project

Sharing Cars is a project we work on to implement and evaluate shared mobility service using electric microcars. The vehicles have been part of demonstrations and tests in Kista and in Trollhättan. The microcars are much cheaper and more environmental friendly to use than a full size car; and these small vehicles could handle the majority of the mobility needs for many people.

Why shared mobility?

Today cars are parked approx. 95% of the time. We spend a lot of money on something we use for just a small portion of the day. The vehicle also takes a lot of space, just think about all the parking lots that exists, and often we still find it hard to find a place to park. This is a problem in almost any city in the world. To share vehicles and other things are also a more environmental friendly way to manage our natural resources.

How does it work?

Today there is a clear trend when apartment houses and new areas are developed that less space is allocated for parking. Instead of every apartment having their own car space or two; other sharing mobility solutions will be available for instance bikes, electric scooters, small/medium/large cars etc. The vehicles are booked in app when to be used, and payment is included in rent or pay-per-use. Many real-estate companies see the mobility services needs to be part of the offer to attract tenants in the near future, basically something you expect to be easy available in your everyday life.

Technology now and in the future

There are several technical features that needs to be developed to make vehicle sharing service work smoothly for the end-user, and T-engineering is part of this development. The vehicles must be cloud connected to be able to be booked, found and with keyless unlock/lock functionality. We also work with wireless charging solution to simplify the usage of the vehicles even more than today, you just park the vehicle at a dedicated wireless parking spot and the vehicle charges efficiently using inductive technology, no need for the cables anymore. One feature for the near future is also the automatic driving to the charging spot, you just park where you want to, leave it, and the cars slowly drives back and parks on its pickup spot all by itself.

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