EMS 3 and 4cyl PFI / Direct Injection / NA / Turbo

The Projects

Serial Production Project of Engine Management Systems for midsized sedan and SUV passenger vehicles. Passenger vehicles in all segments of the 2020:s has to offer supreme drivability and emissions thus the target for the projects. The 5 projects challenged all controls aspects of the high feature engine’s combustion cycles. SOP 2015, 2017, 2019, 2022.

Why is a company as T-engineering qualified/the best fit for a project like this?

T-engineering has long experience from complete Engine Management System Development for mass production. Our experienced engineers have been development engineers at large US, Swedish and Chinese OEM:s.

The laboratory facilities at T- Engineering offer bench calibration with measurement of the most stringent emissions levels as well as temperature variations.

What does the future hold in this area at T-engineering?

The future of combustion engines depends on the available fuel’s climate impact. At T-engineering we see possibilities in fossil free fuels such as hydrogen and biofuels in order to supply engines needed for all future applications where combustion engines are preferred.

Technical Highlights

Emission developed in T-engineering Dyno Emission bench and vehicle dyno laboratory

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