EMS 3 and 4cyl PFI / Direct Injection / NA / Turbo

The Project

Serial Production Project of Engine Management Systems for midsized sedan and SUV passenger vehicles. Passenger vehicles in all segments of the 2020:s has to offer supreme drivability and emissions thus the target for the projects. The 5 projects challenged all controls aspects of the high feature engine’s combustion cycles. SOP 2015, 2017, 2019, 2022.

Why is a company as T-Engineering qualified/the best fit for a project like this?

T-Engineering has long experience from complete Engine Management System Development for mass production. Our experienced engineers have been development engineers at large US, Swedish and Chinese OEM:s.

The laboratory facilities at T- Engineering offer bench calibration with measurement of the most stringent emissions levels as well as temperature variations.

What does the future hold in this area at T-Engineering?

The future of combustion engines depends on the availible fuel’s climate impact. At T-Engineering we see possibilities in fossil free fuels such as hydrogen and biofuels in order to supply engines needed for all future applications where combustion engines are preferred.

Technical Highlights

  • Complete EMS SW Development / Calibration / Validation in Passenger Vehicle.
  • Gasoline Turbo Direct Injection
  • Emission developed in T-Engineering Dyno Emission bench and vehicle dyno laboratory
  • Climate developed in Sweden, China and southern Europe
  • SW Platform Autosar version 4.2
  • T-Engineering developed complex device drivers for all HW specific Asics
  • Automotive Standard Functional Safety fully implemented in basic and application software layers
  • Engine Application Software, model based developed handling the high feature engine with variable cams, EGR, turbo, direct injection
  • Extremely short lead time to first start of engine thanks to the configuration based logic enabling HW independency
  • On Board Diagnostic (OBD) certified for China.
  • Complete system Hardware In the Loop (HIL) tested

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