T Legacy Track

Legacy of Saab & engineering performance

T-engineering has since September 2023 taken over the well known test track in Trollhättan. We have also taken over the facilities on the test track, as well as facilities and parking space in connection to the test track. This will enable efficient use of the test track and offer efficient work environment as well as additional services for customers such as workshops, conference rooms etc.


We will proudly call the track “T Legacy Track”. T for T-engineering and Trollhättan, L for the Legacy of Saab and engineering performance. We call it track because the goal is also to enable organized events of various kinds. 


Our vision is to enable the legacy of engineering performance. As part of “Test site Trollhättan” providing a safe, capable and efficient working environment for the development of future sustainable mobility in Trollhättan as well as encouraging the growth of automotive interest and education in the area.

“There are lot’s of opportunities for basically everything that moves on wheels to test its capacity here”.

– Klas Lundgren, CEO


For more information contact sales@t-engineering.se

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